My name is Sarah and I have been baking and making cakes ever since I can remember, in part, this was due to my allergies with nuts, strawberries, gluten intolerant and few others thrown in for good measure, so a few years ago I took the plunge and now I bake for a living.

I began baking Vegan Cakes because I wanted to make a difference, not by banging on about veganism and beating people over the head with the vegan stick (so to speak), but by making cakes that, quite frankly that taste amazing! You will be surprised how many people love vegan cakes and other products if you don’t tell them their vegan?

When I set up The Naked Vegan I wanted to create fabulous tasting and beautiful vegan cakes using the finest purest naked ingredients (Hence why I chose the name). I spend months perfecting recipes, designs and textures until they are perfect without using weird and wonderful ingredients to mask the blandness that seems to be the norm these days. My passion is to make Vegan Wedding Cakes so good that everyone can enjoy, both vegans and non-vegans. Gone are the days where vegans miss out on great tasting cake or order different cakes for guests, so everyone can have their cake and eat it – which is even better when it tastes amazing.

All my Wedding Cakes are made to order, using the freshest ingredients available. I only use natural ingredients, so you won’t find any hidden additives or preservatives, just 100% natural goodness. My amazing cakes are hard to distinguish from their non-vegan equivalents you will only ever need the one cake, working with you to bring the perfect centerpiece that is unique for your perfect day in a fantastic range of flavours and designs.

Making your day special