wedding cake

What happens during a wedding cake consultation?

Your wedding cake consultation is unique to you , for example, your wedding colours and theme(s), wedding cake designs, cake flavours (including tasting some samples), cake setup on the day (venue, stand, timing), costs and payment. I usually conduct these at the wedding venue or a suitable relaxed location.

I love to keep these informal so that everyone is relaxed, I will bring some cake samples even if you have not fully committed to a flavour/s. During the conversation I will start making some rough sketches of ideas and notes or if you have pictures of wedding cake designs to help visualise what you’re all discussing.

What happens next?

Most of the conversation during the wedding cake consultation will be ideas and sketches, I will then work on the ideas and refine them.

Once you are happy with the proposal, I’ll put together a final proposal detailing your design, flavours, the number of guests, delivery details and the price.

If you would like to arrange an informal consultation and discuss your requirements further, please email complete the below form and I will contact you.